Zbyszko Wierny – A Polish Hound In America

I was born on May 10, 2022. I am a Polish Hound or Ogar Polski, a hunting dog indigenous to Poland. I now live in Portland, Oregon, with a Polish-American family, but I came to the U.S. on July 24, 2022, from Ogary Polskie z Poniatowskiego Dworku FCI in central Poland, run by award-winning Polish Hound breeders Anna and Łukasz Król. Both of my parents are champion dogs in Poland and Europe: my father, HUSARZ z Sarmackiej Tradycji, and my mother, ARIADNE z Jurajskiej Wyżyny. I arrived in Los Angeles after a 12-hour flight from Warszaw on the Polish Airlines LOT and was met at the airport by my new American family, Tadeusz (Ted) Lipień and Deborah Croyle. We cleared the customs around midnight, then drove for 24 hours with several breaks to Portland, OR.

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