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Józef Czapski on Katyn

Support Silenced Refugees Polish military officer, writer and artist Józef Czapski, who had made a futile search for thousands of missing Polish officers in Soviet Russia during World War II killed on the orders of Stalin in 1940, was censored by the Voice of America (VOA) during his visit to the United States in 1950. Later, under tremendous pressure from…

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A little Poland for refugees in India

U.S. Government Propaganda Photo, 1943 Support Silenced Refugees Some of the Polish prisoners and slave laborers in Soviet Russia during World War II who had survived, were evacuated first to Iran and became refugees, were temporarily resettled in India. Their story was described in “A Little Poland in India,” a 2015 Indo-Polish co-production documentary by Any Radha and Sumit Osmand…

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