This was sent to us by Jane Doe.

“I always love reading your very insightful posts.  You have great information!!

I’ve been struck by the frequent references to the former CNN employees now running BBG.

Has anyone at BBG looked at CNN’s ratings recently?  Is that really the model BBG wants to emulate???

Keep up the good work.”

CNN’s ratings may also explain why so many CNN employees have ended up at BBG. That, and former BBG Chairman and former CNN CEO Walter Isaacson.

This may also explain the current push for creating a CEO position at the BBG and to avoid filling it with a presidential appointee who would require a Senate confirmation. That job was being initially created for Isaacson’s former CNN associate Steven Korn who became president of RFE/RL. His “old white guys” comment and management practices at RFE/RL, such as replacing journalists in all top managerial positions with non-journalists, may have doomed his chances. But former CNN employees already hired are in turn hiring their former CNN colleagues as government workers and contractors. We don’t refer here to VOA Director David Ensor, also formerly with CNN. Ensor is an accomplished journalist who has a reputation of being an honest and fair manager.