1984 Interview With Czeslaw Miłosz on Polish-Jewish Relations (in Polish – po polsku)

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The interview (in Polish – po polsku) with Czesław Miłosz was recorded in Oxford on September 19, 1984 at a conference on Polish-Jewish relations.

Miłosz talks about Poland’s multicultural traditions, Polish-Jewish relations in the 19th century, during the interwar period, and under communism. He discusses anti-Semitism, Polish-Jewish relations in his home city of Wilno (Vilnius – now in Lithuania) before World War II, Polish-Jewish writers and literature, the anti-Semitic campaign launched by the communists in Poland in 1968, and Jewish-Catholic dialogue in Poland still under communist rule.

At the end of the interview, which was recorded for and broadcast by the Voice of America (VOA) Polish Service, Czesław Miłosz expresses hope for the future of Polish-Jewish relations and praises the involvement of young Poles in preserving Jewish heritage in Poland.

The interview was recorded by VOA Polish Service director Ted Lipien.